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25 Days of Christmas Raffle

25 Days of Christmas Raffle Prizes

Our nation’s senior population is growing exponentially, outpacing the resources available to serve vulnerable older adults and putting their health and well-being in jeopardy.

Meals on Wheels in Mineral County is a service designed to assist the frail elderly shut-ins by providing them with one well balanced, nutritious, hot meal, five days per week. The program is for those persons who cannot cook for themselves, have anyone to cook for them, and are unable to leave their homes for meals. This service allows people to stay in their homes, maintain some independence, and avoid living in costly institutions—a financial benefit to the client and the community.

A Meals on Wheels delivery also provides a reassuring “check-in” on those who live alone. Any unanswered delivery is reported and investigated. Any changes in a recipient’s health or needs are noted, and dietary changes are made, as needed. If appropriate, referrals to family, physician, or other community services, are also made.

Unfortunately, many of our meal recipients are unable to donate toward the cost of their meals. It is up to us to raise funds, so they do not go hungry. The need is growing, but the funds are shrinking. Last year Aging & Family Services was able to serve approximately 30,000 meals on wheels.  This fundraiser will go far to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. 

This year, due to COVID19, our typical Meals on Wheels fundraising efforts, such as our bus tours, have been drastically reduced or halted altogether.  We hope our

25 Days of Christmas Fund Raffle will help close the gap.  Besides purchasing raffle tickets yourself, we hope everyone, please share this on a minimum of ten other individuals’ Facebook pages.

This year we have received various donations, including homemade crafts, cash, gift cards, gift baskets, and much more!  We received items with a total value of $8,500 for this year’s event. Tickets are ready to be distributed for sale and will list all of the donated items. Tickets should be sold to the general population, not just seniors.  Tickets will be available for $10 each and can be purchased at any of our senior centers or from employees or board members of Aging & Family Services.  Each day in December until Christmas Eve, we will draw the name of a winner who has purchased a ticket (Monday through Thursday, we will be drawing one winner, and we will hold three on Fridays). 

Together we hope to fully fund the Meals on Wheels Program of Mineral County!