Senior Centers

Senior Centers in Mineral County

Since the middle 1970s, they have been the backbone of community-based services, helping thousands of older Mineral Countians and their caregivers bridge the gap between full independence and limited support. They have been a source of vital, community-based social, nutritional, and health promotion programs. These centers are a place where older adults come together for services and activities that reflect their experience and skills, respond to their diverse needs and interests, enhance their dignity, support their independence, and encourage their involvement in and with the center and the community.

Not only do senior centers offer helpful resources to older adults, but they also serve the entire community with information on aging, support for family caregivers, training professionals and lay leaders and students, and the development of innovative approaches to addressing aging issues. While senior centers typically provide nutrition, recreation, social and educational services, and comprehensive information and referral, our centers are adding new programs such as fitness activities and Internet training to meet the needs and interests of the new generation of seniors.

Our senior centers are community gathering places for adults aged 60 and over. Seniors participate in activities, including exercise and dance classes, arts and crafts, cards, computer training, table games, and billiards. Daily nutritious meals and specially-themed luncheons encourage friendship and fun. Guest speakers on medical, financial, and consumer issues are provided to inform seniors on important issues. Day trips are planned for special locations. Seniors are also served hot, well-balanced lunches in a friendly group setting.

Keyser Senior Center

793 New Creek Drive
Keyser, WV

Meals served at 11:30 a.m.
Monday through Friday
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Frankfort Senior Center

Meals served at 11:30 a.m.

257 Summit Drive
Short Gap, WV

Monday through Friday

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Satellite Meal Locations

Elk Garden Fire Department

Maple Street
Elk Garden, WV

Lunches served 12:00 noon
Monday, Wednesday, Friday