“COVID-19 appears to cause more serious illness in older persons and those with underlying health conditions,” A&FS director Scott Mallery said in a release Tuesday.

“Therefore, senior programs play an essential role in preparing to respond to COVID-19.“

Because of this concern for the area’s elderly and disabled, Aging & Family Services will implement the following policies as of Friday (3-20-2020):

In-Home Care:

All in-home care programs will operate as usual. Both clients and workers should be provided with procedures to protect themselves and others.
Several flyers were posted to the A&FS Facebook page that covers this information. If a worker or client shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or comes into contact with someone with these signs, they should contact the office by phone (not in person) and contact their health care provider and the health department. They should not return to work (employee) or have services continue (client) until they have been cleared.

Meals programs (nutrition):
All activities at the county’s Senior Centers are suspended effective immediately.

Employees will implement ways to provide social distancing and offer limited physical contact at the centers.

Meals will be offered for a duration of one hour between 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. on evening meals. Meals will be served in styrofoam containers for meals to be taken home.

Congregate consumers should pull up to the side door to receive a meal in a “get and go” type service.

Congregate consumers will be offered shelf-stable emergency meals in a package of five.

Home-delivered meals will continue to be provided. Clients will be contacted in advance, and the meal may be left at the doorway for the client to pick up.

If the client is unable to physically get the meal, they should leave their door unlocked, and the driver will place the meals on a counter or table. Each driver will have a helper during this time and will call each client as they approach their home/apartment.

All transportation will be suspended, at least through the end of April. Clients will be referred to the PVTA Ready Ride or through family/friends

Office/Senior Centers
A&FS administrative office will be closed to the public and only open to clients and employees. All inquiries should be directed to contact staff by telephone 304-788-5467 or e-mails.

Until further notice, staff should reduce face-to-face contact, especially in small offices. Any employee that is feeling ill or under the weather should stay home.