Invest in Our Heritage – Our Senior Citizens!

Update Oct 16, 2020: Aging & Family Services THANKS all who gave during our Community Thrives campaign. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we met our minimum online donation of $6,000, qualifying us for other grants. The overall funds raised during the Community Thrives Fundraiser, which started Sep 21, 2020. This includes all donations made by checks, cash, or through Paypal.

Also, we would like to thank those that supported by spreading the word. Through this campaign, we heard from many individuals that had their lives or the life of a loved one touched by one of the programs we provide. It is good to hear some positives in an increasingly negative world.

As we continue to move toward our new Keyser Senior Center we want everyone to remember that our – Invest in Our Heritage – Our Senior Citizens building campaign will continue. Thanks again!!!

Original Post Sep 22, 2020: YOU can help Aging & Family Services (A&FS) of Mineral County WIN BIG! Give during A Community Thrives’ fundraising between September 21st through October 16th, and A&FS could receive a grant of up to $100,000!  Your $10 donation will make an incredible difference!

Every day, A&FS, a nonprofit organization, strives to meet the needs of the elderly and their families. A Community Thrives nominated A&FS to participate in their program that supports community improvement ideas to compete for grants.  Our community improvement project is centered on our Keyser Senior Center.

Aging & Family Services started is a capital campaign to raise the necessary funds for the renovations of the former Keyser Pizza Hut property, transforming it into the future Keyser Senior Center home. This purchase is the first step in improving and expanding the programs offered to better meet the needs of our senior citizens.  By incorporating this new senior center location, AFS can improve current services, and increase outreach to the target population of senior citizens.

Here’s how you can help:

What: Give to A&FS to support their A Community Thrives campaign

When: September 21st through October 16th, 2020

Where: Online at

Share your support! Tell your friends! Forward this email! Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word about making a donation to A&FS through the A Community Thrives fundraising grant event.  Help us get to the top by investing in our heritage – our senior citizens!

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    “I love going to meet my friends at the center.  It gives me a place to go and have fun and keeps me active within my community!Senior Center Participant